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businessman testing responsive at work with smartphone showing website on screen. All screen graphics are made up. Schlagwort(e): Smart Phone, Web Page, Wireless Technology, Mail, Touch Screen, Businessman, Women, Men, Coding, Marketing, Single Object, Single Word, E-commerce, Inbox, Buying, Pushing, Holding, Mobility, Cooperation, Connection, Advice, Direction, Business, Technology, Manager, Financial Occupation, Liquid, Street, Internet, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Telephone, Equipment, b2b, likes, template, web design, webdesign, missed calls, Application Software, Business-to-business

Woman and Sign with the german words Working for Refugees Schlagwort(e): Emergency Services, Women, Escape, Social Services, Immigrant, Refugee, Working, Complexity, Exclusion, Harassment, Social Issues, War, Occupation, Europe, Sign, Emergency Refuge


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